by Deborah Holland

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As the lead singer, songwriter and co-founder of Animal Logic with drummer Stewart Copeland of The Police and jazz bassist Stanley Clarke, DEBORAH HOLLAND was introduced to the world via two critically acclaimed albums, appearances on David Letterman, The Tonight Show, VH-1, MTV, a recorded duet with Jackson Browne, and live performances at major venues throughout the world. After four solo CDs that garnered international radio play and glowing reviews, she went on to record and tour with Cidny Bullens and Wendy Waldman as a member of the folk/Americana “super-group” The Refugees, whose CDs UNBOUND and THREE won multiple awards and were recognized on many “best of” lists. Deborah has also scored several films, and has written and/or performed dozens of songs for film and television.

For the past three years she has been living and working in Vancouver, BC. The new city and country served as a powerful muse and on June 4th, 2013 she will release a new solo album titled appropriately, VANCOUVER, on her own RageOn Records. The album was recorded during visits to Los Angeles with Steve Wight co-producing and engineering. The team of Rob Hoffman and Wendy Waldman mixed and many who have already heard the record feel it’s her strongest yet. As on Deborah’s past solo records, the musical styles vary, from “Animal Logic” pop to the more roots-based music she has been involved with recently, but all with her smart and poetic lyrics out front.


released June 4, 2013

Produced by Deborah Holland and Steve Wight
Co-produced by João Pedro (J.P.) Mourão
Mixed by Rob Hoffman and Wendy Waldman
Engineered by Steve Wight and J.P. Mourão
Mastered by Robert Hadley at The Mastering Lab, Inc.

Photography by Lance Craig
Make-Up/Hair by Kriz Crane
Artwork and Graphic Design by Mark Nubar


all rights reserved



Deborah Holland Vancouver, British Columbia

DEBORAH HOLLAND was introduced to the world as the lead singer and songwriter of Animal Logic, (with Stewart Copeland of The Police and jazz bassist Stanley Clarke). She went on to record 4 solo albums, 2 with the folk-Americana "super-group" The Refugees, scored 5 films, and wrote and performed dozens of songs for film and TV. Her new solo album, VANCOUVER, will be released on June 4th, 2013. ... more

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Track Name: I Wanna Be a Canadian
I wanna be a Canadian
Get played on Canadian radio
I wouldn’t care if the rest of the world didn’t know about me
I wanna live in a country
You don’t claw your way to the top
And people genuinely seem to care about other people

I’ll give up California sun
Nights at Dodger Stadium
Backyard avocado trees
And jacarandas swayin' in the breeze

I wanna be a Canadian
If I’m sick in a Canadian hospital
Won’t experience losing my lunch when I get the bill
If I became a Canadian
Wouldn’t vote for the president
If Sarah Palin becomes it
I’ll already be gone

Goodbye Independence Day
On Thanksgiving no parade
Trader Joe’s, a house that’s mine
And inexpensive Napa Valley wine

I’ll learn the names of the territories and provinces
Drive at the speed of kilometers shiver in Celsius
I’ll even learn “O Canada” on accordion
Oui et même parler français s’il vous plait merci

I wanna be a Canadian
Take the Trans-Canada highway to Labrador
See the Canadian Rockies in the springtime
The Canadian government
Doesn’t bully the rest of the world
And when you travel abroad people like you when you’re Canadian

Farewell cousins so long friends
They may not let me back again
So get your passport, book a flight
Come on up see a different kind of life
Track Name: That Ain't Love
If he’s a work in progress that you can fix
You better run run run
If all your time and effort go to this
Well then you’re done done done

And you’re insecure nearly all the time
nothing else matters cause he’s on your mind
you’ve been second guessin’ what he’s gonna do
Someone better break the news to you

that ain’t love no no no no no
that ain’t love
Though it feels like it, seems like it’s
All that you’ve been dreaming of
that ain’t love

if you swear he’s not what your friends all think
you got it bad bad bad
if he says “I love you” just when he drinks
well you’ve been had had had

cause a guy like him that’s just the way he acts
you’re the one who gets to calculate the facts
you’re digging deeper and deeper it’s bottomless pit
someone better pull you out of it
Track Name: Home
How much time do I have left
I think it’s long
But unpredictable at best
And I could be wrong

Is there more, I place no bets
But bells would ring
So my goal is no regrets
This I can sing

So I’m hitching on the highway goin’ everywhere
I’ll be traveling as far as I can roam
And if I decide I’ve changed my mind and I don’t care
I’ll go home

Every day I count them up
Say no goodbyes
Is a joy, a stroke of luck
The winning prize
Track Name: Vancouver
It’s snowing again
They say that it’s rare
This hasn’t happened in 20 odd years
But I wouldn’t know
I’m newly arrived
A provisional immigrant
Tryin' to survive
Ooh Vancouver
Ooh Vancouver

I’m here cause my son
Can get what he needs
In American schools he could not succeed
So we packed up our lives
And drove from our home
Leaving half of the family
To make it alone
Ooh Vancouver
Ooh Vancouver

It’s dark when I wake
Dark before I sleep
It fosters a feeling
I try not to keep
Now the snow’s disappearing
It’s raining instead
It rained all day yesterday
And rain lies ahead
Ooh Vancouver
Ooh Vancouver

The permanent residents
Shrug off the storms
Just something you do
Till the city’s reborn
When everything’s heavenly
A paradise found
But those are the months
We won’t be around
Ooh Vancouver
Ooh Vancouver
Track Name: California
A broken gate
Unpaid bills
Mold in the bathroom
Sleeping pills

Carpet stains
A browning lawn
Rooms needing painting
A boy withdrawn

Chorus: But the sun is shining and it’s warmer there
I got friends and I don’t have to be alone
The love of my life’s’ in an office chair
It’s the only place I’ve known
That I’ve ever been at home
California, California

Computers down
No toothpaste
A favorite pair of earrings
Both misplaced

Ragged towels
Sheets with holes
Screws that could use tightening
I’ve no control (But the sun…)

A fairy tale
Gone awry
Hope’s in the corner
Standing by

Shootin’ down
Desperate straights
Get back in the saddle
To a solid state (‘Cause the sun...)

Here I come, here I come, here I come, here I come California
Right back where I started from
Track Name: Money
Chorus: Money, sick a-talkin’ ‘bout money (such a drag)
Money, tired a-worryin’ ‘bout money
I can’t forget cause I’m too much in debt

It can’t buy me happiness
Can’t buy me love
But when your pockets are filled with emptiness
(But when your car is about to repossessed)
(But when you’re pawnin’ your antique necklaces)
It’s all you’re thinking of

Checkin’ my balance
Checkin’ it twice
I check again
But it’s still no dice
Talk to the teller
Say hey where’s my - dough
I need it quick
Or I’m gonna be on skid row

The collectors are callin’
Can’t answer the phone
The mortgage is over due
I’m losin’ my home
My credit’s pathetic
My assets on the - line
I ain’t had savings
Since back in 89-ine

I kicked the habit
Fine wines and foods
That fancy lifestyle
Went down the tubes
I will be lucky
Got a roof over my - head
Could be sleepin’ at the mission
With a bible and a bunk bed
Track Name: Messed Up Valentine
I don't like roses
I like chocolates way too much
Regret when I finish off the box
And Hallmark cards just end up in the trash
That kind of sentiment can’t last

These are things you already know
When you've lived this long with someone
There's little left to be exposed
But still a secret hangs in the air
It’s not something we want
To share
I may be dressed up
But I’m a messed up Valentine
A messed up Valentine

I used to wonder
Why anyone would quit
After hanging in for so long
But some situations you must experience to get
And then the light goes on

These are words I barely can say
But after all this time together
I cannot look the other way
Whatever I do hearts are at stake
An unbearable choice
To make
Now that I’ve ‘fessed up
I’m still a messed up Valentine

So how’re we gonna spend this holiday
It’s probably our last
We should put our party clothes away
And hold on to each other, hold on to the past

These are tears that were waiting to fall
There’s only so much holding on
The brakes are shot, we’ve hit a wall
Not every patient can be saved
We gotta give up the ghost
Be brave
We gave our best up
I’ll always be your messed up
Track Name: Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
John Lennon - Paul McCartney
Track Name: Bad Case of SAD
There are plenty of concrete reasons to blame this on
Plus a little bit of free floating nebulous stuff that’s never gone
It’s been goin’ on 6 months of gray, cold and rain
For a California girl that’s too much for her sunny side up brain
Went to the doctor and for a hundred bucks
He said there’s nothing you can do you’re just out of luck

You (I) got a bad, bad, bad
Bad case of sad
You got a bad case of sad
A really really bad case

The sun was shining for a couple of hours today
I sat on the front porch step in a down coat shivering away
Determined to get some Vitamin D and a serotonin fix though that’s no guarantee
The weather and my mood have been as thick as thieves
I need every bare branch to be covered in leaves

Even when it’s beautiful outside I don’t have the best disposition
I constantly must conquer and divide a melancholy condition

Maybe it’s just another excuse
I can hide in my head and be a social recluse
If I could be a little stronger in the blink of an eye
The days will be longer and I can say bye-bye to a
Track Name: Your Love is Gettin' in the Way of Your Life
You’re makin’ really bad decisions
Been burnin’ every bridge in sight
Now you’re droppin’ the ball
Losing it all
Mixing up your wrong from right
Your love is getting’ in the way-ay-ay of your life

You’re doin’ lots of second guessin’
Keep changin’ at the speed of light
Someone’s pullin’ your strings
Clippin' your wings
Nipped you with a nasty bite
Your love is getting’ in the way of your life

Somebody’s pumpin’
Blowin’ up your ego
They got you hook line and sinker
You swallowed it hole
Somebody really wants total control yeah yeah

You’re old enough you should know better
And strong enough to put up a fight
But you’re somebody new
Stupider too
Snugglin’ up with kryptonite
You’re gettin’ the goods today
But tomorrow there’s hell to pay
Your love is gettin’ in the way-ay-ay of your life
Track Name: My Happy Ending
When I was born my mother said
My cup runneth over
I got a girl her hair is red
My daddy said lets take her home
We’re movin' to a house we own
Her brother’s sittin' waitin' for her ooh

I grew up in the Garden State
A place called New Jersey
Frozen food was all I ate
We weren’t rich we weren’t poor
Took my allowance to the store
Bought another top ten 45 yeah ooh

Chorus: For all that I know
This is how it should go
No need for pretending
I can stop waiting around
Cause I’ve already found
My happy ending

I had a son then another son
Both born in California
Just in time I got that done
I taught ‘em both to roller skate,
To thy neighbor tolerate
Arrive on time ‘cause it’s rude to others ooh

Some days, stuck inside my head, seems like gettin’ out of bed is hardly worth it
But I drag my body out
Drink a cup of coffee, open up the blinds and to my surprise - the sky is perfect
Track Name: Lucky So and So
You’re a lucky so and so
Yeah you got it made but don’t know it
You seem to expect something you never get
And day after day you blow it yeah yeah

You’ve got shelter, food and love
But you’re under a dark cloud whining
With all of your stuff it’s never enough
You’re blind to the silver lining yeah yeah

You’re a lucky so and so
But your negative side is driven
Start singing a song and forget what is wrong
Kick up your heels, stop spinning your wheels
Raise up your glass you pain in the ass
And say thanks to all you’ve been given
‘Cause oh what a good life you’re livin’ yeah yeah

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